Regulation introduction to labeling requirements on prepackaged foods

Administrative Regulation on the Inspection and Supervision of Labeling of Imported and Exported Prepackaged Food, also named as AQSIQ Notice 27, has been issued by AQSIQ on 27 February 2012 and was implemented on 1 June 2012. This regulation details the document requirements for inspection on the label of imported prepackaged food. Below materials will be required, when the prepackaged food go through Chinese Customs.
  • Chinese specific label
  • Original label and translation version
  • Nutrition test reports
  • Business license of importer, distributor or your Chinese agent
  • Other evidence material if there are any claims in the label

Compliance Approaches

1. Prepare Chinese specific label 

Overseas companies should prepare Chinese specific label for their prepackaged food according to the Chinese national standards GB7718-2011 and GB28050-2011. Meanwhile, the original label and Chinese translation version of the original label are still required and should be provided to China Customs.

2. Nutrition test
The nutrition test report, as well as verification proof of the Chinese specific label, will be required by China Customs. For general prepackaged food, 4 plus 1 items will be required, namely protein, fat, carbohydrate, sodium and energy. The overseas companies are encouraged to conduct these tests in Chinese official laboratory as there are different test methods between China and other countries. Meanwhile, the random inspection on prepackaged foods is always based on China test methods. The consistency of the test results between random inspection and your own test reports is quite important, otherwise, the China Customs officer will question the quality of your products.

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