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1 Substance is Available for CLH Public Consultation

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On 16 January 2018, European Chemicals Agency released a public consultation concerning the harmonized classification and labeling of 1 substances. Comments on general issues, for example on substance identification, physicochemical properties and data sources or on any unclarities in the text of the CLH dossier can be submitted. Comments on hazard classes of the substance can also be given, yet they must relate to hazard classes that are open for commenting during the public consultation in question, such as classification itself, the information considered in the proposal, the justification of the conclusions, or comments supporting the proposed classification.

Detailed information the substance is as follows:


EC No.


Hazard Classes Open for Commenting

Deadline for Commenting

Iprovalicarb (ISO); isopropyl [(2S)-3-methyl-1-{[1-(4-methylphenyl)ethyl]amino}-1-oxobutan-2-yl]carbamate



Physical hazards

Health hazards, with the exception of respiratory sensitisation and aspiration hazards

Environmental hazards , except hazardous to the ozone layer;

19 Mar. 2018

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