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5000 RMB will be Charged for China IECSC Inquiry for Classified/Confidential Part

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'5000 RMB will be charged by Authorities for China IECSC inquiry' issued by China Solid Waste and Chemical Management Center of MEP on 24 November 2015. This notice will be implemented on 1 January 2016.

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There are two parts of IECSC, public part and classified/confidential part. Companies can check out the public part by themselves (check Public Part by CIRS CCISS)and shall only enquire Authorities for calssified/confidential part. Prevously, this inquiry cost is 600 RMB and now it's almost 9 times expense.

CIRS provides free enquiry service before Deadline

For the cost-effective purpose, companies are encouraged to submit the inquiry before this deadline. CIRS will not charge hourly consulting fee for this enquiry if we received your application form before 25 December 2015. For more information, please refer to CIRS Hot Service on Sale.

For more information about China REACH and IECSC Access, please click here.

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