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China MEE to Supplement the Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances

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China MEE is to supplement substances manufactured in or imported into China before 15 Oct. 2003 into the Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances.

Manufacturers, importers, users, industrial associations, etc. can submit paper copies and electronic copies of application materials (application form and supporting documents) to MEE before 30 Sep. 2019 for IECSC supplementation.

MEE will check the compliance of the application materials and publish the application for public notification. If there is no objection to the application, related substances will be listed into the IECSC.


China’s chemical inventory of existing chemical substances is IECSC, which stands for the Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances Produced or Imported in China (IECSC). There are two parts of IECSC, public part and classified/confidential part. Companies can check out the public part by themselves and shall only enquire Authorities for classified/confidential part.

Up to now, the inventory has been updated for three times. A total of 104 substances have been supplemented. Currently, 46716 substances are listed in the inventory.

It should be noted that substances not listed in the inventory are new chemical substances and it is illegal to manufacture or import such substances into China before completing the new chemical substance notification.

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