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China Released Implementation Scheme for Hazardous Chemicals

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4 Feb. 2017, China General Administration of Quality Supervision released the AQSIQ Implementation Scheme for the Safety Comprehensive Management of Hazardous Chemicals. This scheme was made and released for the purpose of effectively restraining major chemical incidents and ensuring the life and property security of the civilians.

Based on this Scheme, ministries and departments should,

(1) Strengthen the formulation, publicity and follow of safety technical standards, laws and regulations;

(2) Enhance the risk inspection regarding the special equipment for hazardous chemicals;

(3) Urge and supervise the implementation of safety responsibility;

(4) Strengthen the supervision and review work;

(5) Consolidate the results of oil and gas transmission pipeline improvements;

(6) Strictly inspect and supervise the hazardous goods for import & export as well as their packages;

(7) Strengthen the capacity of supervision hazardous chemicals;

(8) Establish safety supervision platform for the entry & exit of hazardous goods;

(9) Significantly improve the publicity of import & export hazardous chemicals

The work started in Jan. 2017 and will end in Nov. 2019. It can be divided into 3 phases:

  • Phase I: deployment, which requires local governments to make specific implementation plans;
  • Phase II: improvement, which requires local governments to carry out the plan and complete all the works in time;
  • Phase III: conclusion, which requires local governments to make a work report and send it to the General Administration of Quality Supervision.

The Chinese version of this Scheme can be downloaded here.


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