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CIRS Completed the Hundredth Typical Notification under China REACH

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On 22nd July 2016, two enterprises assisted by CIRS are approved to obtain typical notification under China REACH (MEP Decree No.7). Up to now, CIRS has assisted enterprises in obtaining 100 certificates for typical notification!

CIRS was established in early 2008, which devoted itself to providing regulatory compliance services under EU REACH. Then in 2010, CIRS set up a team comprised of over 30 experienced experts in the fields of health toxicology, environmental toxicology, high polymer chemistry, organic chemistry and alternative method as well as senior chemical engineers to provide new chemical substance regulatory compliance services.

For over 6 years, CIRS has provided one-stop China new chemical substance consultation services and registration services for nearly 1000 chemical enterprises at home and abroad. Clients of CIRS are from all over the world including Mainland China, European countries, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries. Many of the global top 500 enterprises and listed enterprises are also clients of CIRS. Up to 22nd July 2016, the number of registration certificates enterprises obtained with the help of CIRS is shown below:

Notification type


Simplified notification


Typical notification


Scientific research record


Based on the statistics released by Chinese government, by the end of July 2016, Ministry of Environment Protection has issued 21834 registration certificates, which include 453 registration certificates for typical notification, 16597 registration certificates for simplified notification and 4784 registration certificates for scientific research record. The typical notification programs completed by CIRS accounted for 22% of all the typical notification programs. CIRS is experienced in China new chemical substance notification.

CIRS takes this opportunity to extend its sincere thanks to authorities, cooperators and enterprises at home and abroad for their direction, support and trust. CIRS will continue to provide China chemical regulatory compliance services to enterprises with strict work style and sound service consciousness.

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