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CIRS Korea Submitted Applications for Pre-registration

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1 Jan. 2019, K-REACH pre-registration officially initiated. Enterprises may submit pre-registration through REACH-IT. As an only representative (OR), CIRS Group Korea Co., Ltd. successfully submitted applications for pre-registration on behalf of overseas enterprises.

In accordance with the requirements of the amended K-REACH, enterprises shall submit applications for pre-registration of existing substances (excluding substances listed in the first batch of registration list) between 1 Jan. 2019 and 30 Jun. 2019, so as to obtain a registration grace period. Enterprises obtaining the pre-registration number can legally trade with Korean enterprises within the grace period. If related enterprises fail to complete pre-registration, they are not allowed to continue to manufacture/import the substances from 1 Jul. 2019. Compared with registration, K-REACH pre-registration has shorter registration period and requires lower expenses, which largely reduce enterprises’ cost. CIRS warmly suggests that related enterprises should complete pre-registration.

Overseas manufacturers shall entrust an OR to fulfill the obligations under K-REACH. In order to help enterprises comply with the K-REACH regulation, CIRS Group Korea Co., Ltd. was established. CIRS Group Korea has a team of K-REACH experts that have over ten years of TCCA and K-REACH regulatory compliance experience. It is certain that CIRS Group Korea will provide professional services to related enterprises.

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