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CIRS to Speak at Key Regulatory Updates: Europe, Asia and the Americas

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The online conference “Key Regulatory Updates: Europe, Asia and the Americas” will be hosted by Chemical Watch on 12-14 Oct. 2021. Current status of major chemical management regulations, including the registration, authorization and evaluation of chemicals will be presented during the conference.

Ms. Lila Tao from CIRS Group is invited to speak at the conference regarding the regulatory developments in China. Mr. Junho Lee from CIRS Korea will also give a speech on topic of K-REACH updates.

Speaker Info

Ms. Lila Tao, Chemical Regulatory Consultant, CIRS Group

Ms. Lila Tao has worked in CIRS group for several years and has served numerous enterprises to comply with global chemical regulations, including China REACH, EU REACH, Global GHS, K-REACH, etc. She has rich experience on new substance registration under China MEE Order No. 7 and deep understanding on China MEE Order No. 12, with focus on data gap analysis, registration & testing strategies and how to comply with requests from Chinese authorities.

Mr. Junho Lee, Chemical Stewardship in CIRS Korea

Junho Lee is a Director at CIRS Group Korea and has 11 years of international experience specializing in the field of chemical regulations, standards and certifications in Korea, China and Europe. He has supported industry on major chemical regulatory updates around the world starting with EU REACH, and now Korea’s K-REACH.

Further Information

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