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CIRS to Speak for Semiconductor Materials Challenges In and Out of China

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The 14th China International Semiconductor Expo & Summit will be held at Shanghai during November 8-10, 2016. The CMC Seminar- Semiconductor Materials Challenges In and Out of China, being one of the core seminars in this year’s summit, is scheduled on 9 Nov.

As a private meeting of Fabs and Suppliers by invitation only, this one-day seminar focused on the developing semiconductor materials supply chain in China and its impact on the world. CIRS expert is also invited to make speech on China REACH in the morning. Moreover, there are panel discussions after these presentations to talk over questions like what other sources of Rare Earths are being developed outside of China, can a non-Chinese company have access to government funding for technology and is there a plan by the national government to normalize customs.

If you also plan to attend this summit, please do not miss the chance to meet with us.