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Data-Sharing Regulation Published under REACH

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The Date-sharing Regulation under REACH was published and will come into force on January 26 2016. It requires all the registrants of one substance should do the joint submission.

The regulation sets up the related provisions to ensure that the agreement of the data-sharing in SIEFs is transparent and clear. The potential registrant joined SIEF has the right to know the cost details of the testing and administration fees of the joint submission cost structure.

The regulation also requires that registrants should estimate the number of the potential registrants of the substance and should set up the reimbursement principles, which will take into consideration of the potential registrants in the future, the registration requirement and the way of the reimbursement to the existed registrants after new registrants join.

ECHA will keep working on it to make sure that all the registrants of one substance are in the same joint submission. ECHA will publish the newer edition of REACH-IT tool in the spring in 2016. Single submission will no longer be allowed in the new system. ECHA will publish the related supplementary and guidance accordingly.

CIRS has helped more than 4000 companies complete the REACH registration and has completed more than 800 formal registrations. CIRS is very experienced in dealing with issues during registration and we have formed very good relationship with Lead Registrants and ECHA. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending emails to


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