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Guangzhou Customs Seized 30.5 Kg of Illegal Dangerous Goods

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Zhaoqing Customs, affiliated with Guangzhou Customs, has seized a batch of dangerous goods including adhesives and glues, weighing 30.5 kg in total.

A company in Jiangxi declared the export of a batch of "epoxy resin/adhesive and glues", weighing 30.5kg. When inspecting the goods, the Customs officers found that these goods are packed in yellow and blue iron cans, with warning information, including “contains substances hazardous to health” labeled on their outer packaging. However, this company hadn’t declared these goods as dangerous. Based on the hazardous properties and the SDS submitted by the company, Customs officers believed that these goods were dangerous goods with high risks. According to the evaluation of professional institutions and verification of on-site customs officers, the epoxy resin and glues were identified as dangerous goods listed in the Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods-Model Regulations. Since the company could not provide the certificate of "identification of outbound dangerous goods transport package use", Zhaoqing Customs rejected the export and withdrew the goods according to the regulations.


Customs remind enterprises that dangerous goods refer to substances and articles having toxic, explosive, flammable, and infectious properties. They are hazardous to public safety, property, and the environment during transportation, storage, production, operation, use, and disposal. In accordance with the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Import and Export Commodity Inspection, enterprises producing and exporting dangerous goods shall apply for the identification of the package / container use to Customs. Dangerous goods with unqualified packages or containers are prohibited from export.

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