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How to Comply with K-REACH Registration

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The Act on Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals, also known as K-REACH, was formally implemented on 1 Jan. 2015. Similar to EU REACH, K-REACH requirements the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances and is applicable to new substances, existing substances as well as to downstream products.

On 28 Dec. 2016, Korea Ministry of Environment (MoE) decided to revise the K-REACH regulation. After three years of work, the amended K-REACH formally took effect on 1 Jan. 2019. Under the amended K-REACH, new substances shall complete registration/notification before manufacturing or importing; pre-registration is introduced; existing substances (PEC substances excluded) exceeding 1t/y shall complete registration. But registration of PEC substances will not be affected. That is to say, if the substances are listed in the PEC list, yet are not registered, then from 1 Jul. 2018, these substances can only be manufactured/ imported after they are registered.

The amended K-REACH introduced pre-registration. Existing substances exceeding 1t/y shall complete pre-registration between 1 Jan. 2019 and 30 Jun. 2019 to obtain corresponding grace period. Enterprises that fail to complete pre-registration may also complete late pre-registration to obtain the grace period.

Under the amended K-REACH, enterprises can join the consortium and complete joint registration. To join the consortium, enterprises must join the corresponding chemical substance information communicative organization (CICO) at first. Non-Korea enterprises must entrust an OR (based in Korea) to join the CICO. After joining the CICO, enterprises can take part in the joint registration, including selection of roles, LR election, data sharing, dossier preparation and submission.

Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service Limited (CIRS) together with Helsinki Chemicals Forum is to host the Asian Helsinki Chemical Forum and the 4th Summit Meeting on Chemical Regulations in Asia Pacific (HCF&SMCR 2019) in Shanghai on 24th -25th October 2019. The compositions of the panels and the audience will be different so that the content and conclusions will be suitable and unique to the Asian context. Mr. Soon Kwang Kwon from KCMA is going to give a detailed speech on the updates and registration status of the amended K-REACH and help enterprise better comply with K-REACH regulation. Enterprises may also discuss with Mr. Soon Kwang Kwon on the problems they face, including how to complete late pre-registration if they miss the pre-registration; what are the difference between the amended K-REACH and EU REACH regarding data sharing, etc.


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