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Inventory Addition under K-REACH

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Korea MOE has updated the inventory of existing chemical substance and toxic chemical substances with limited use.

The addition this time includes 29 existing chemical substances and 10 toxic chemical substances with limited use.

The updated inventory can be searched online with NCIS system at without any charge. The added substances are from the registered substances under TCCA that will be transferred to K-REACH after 3 years after the complete of registration.

After the implementation of K-REACH since 2015, the registered new chemical substance will no longer become existing chemical substance, which means that only the applicant who completes the registration can do business in the Korea market. This is similar to “No Data, No Market” principle of EU REACH.

CIRS advises that enterprises keep an eye on the K-REACH inventory and comply with the regulation on time. Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Newly Added Existing Chemical Substances under K-REACH (in Korean)

Newly Added Chemical Substances with Limited Use under K-REACH (in Korean)


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