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MEE approves the Second batch of clearance notification for environmental management on import of toxic chemicals in 2023

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In accordance with the Provisions on the First Import of Chemicals and the Import and Export of Toxic Chemicals (No.140 [1994]) and the Announcement on Issuing the Catalog of Toxic Chemicals Strictly Restricted in China (2020) (Announcement No.60 [2019]) jointly released by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Commerce, and the General Administration of Customs, application forms and relevant application materials submitted by Nantong Haotai Products and Chemicals Co.Ltd to MEE are in compliance with relevant requirements.

The second batch of clearance notification for environmental management on import of toxic chemicals is hereby released after official review for the consideration of openness, fairness and justice, and public supervision.

Publication time: May 29-31, 2023

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Here is the information on the second batch of toxic chemicals:

Serial No.

Acceptance Number

Chinese Name

English substances

Regulation Type

Country of Departure

Country of Origin




Tributyltin chloride   compounds

Regulated substances under the Rotterdam Convention and its amendments



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