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Prospects of Chemical Regulations in 2019-2020

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Prospects of Chemical Regulations in 2019-2020

The implementation of EU REACH has a profound impact on the chemical industry. Since the implementation of EU REACH, various countries and regulations have made efforts to strengthen safety use of chemical products by updating the chemical management regulations and releasing REACH-like laws. In order to help related enterprise better comply with related chemical regulations, CIRS has sorted out the regulations of high concern.

REACH-like Regulations

Implementation Date

Whether Pre-registration is Required

Amended K-REACH Regulation

January 1, 2019

Yes, 2019.1.1-2019.6.30

UK REACH Regulation

May 22, 2019 (depend on the Brexit Time, hereinafter the same)

No, but British enterprises can enjoy a grace period after notifications.

Turkish KKDIK Regulation

December 23, 2017

Yes, the deadline is December 31, 2020.

Taiwan TCSCA Regulation

December 11, 2014

Yes, late pre-registration can be carried out.

In addition to these regulations, enterprises also need to pay attention to some special regulations which will be implemented in the next 1-2 years. CIRS will analyze these regulations one by one in this document.

Contents of the document:

Section 1: The Amended K-REACH Regulation

Section 2: UK-REACH (Brexit)

Section 3: Turkish KKDIK Regulation

Section 4: Taiwan TCSCA Regulation

Section 5: Updates of Japan CSCL

Section 6: Regulations on Environmental Risk Assessment and Control of Chemical Substances (Draft)

Section 7: JT/T 617 Standard" and "Measures on the Safety Administration of Road Transport of Dangerous Goods (Draft) were released

Section 8: Measures for the Public Security Management of Hazardous Chemicals Liable to Produce Explosives (Draft)

Section 9: The implementation of CLP article 45

Section 10: Updates of Australia AICIS

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