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REACH Registration Status Survey

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As the May 2018 registration deadline is approaching, ECHA is paying close attention to the registration status and concerns of non-EU enterprises under REACH. Being one of the world largest only representatives (OR) under REACH, CIRS is now investigating the current REACH registration status and the registration intention in China.

CIRS will pay a visit to ECHA on invitation early in 2018. At that time, results of the survey will be submitted to ECHA. CIRS will also communicate with ECHA on problems concerning REACH registration and convey the enterprises’ demands to ECHA.

This survey mainly focuses on registration intention, concerns and registration difficulties of enterprises. This survey may help ECHA better understand what enterprises think when they are complying with REACH so that ECHA can improve their work.

Your answers are of the greatest importance to us. Thank you!

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