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Shanghai Customs Seized 3025 Tons of Illegal Hazardous Chemicals between January and July

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As one of the largest ports for the import and export of hazardous chemicals, Shanghai Customs attaches great importance to the safety of hazardous chemicals.

Since the beginning of 2022, Shanghai Customs has supervised the import of over 43,000 batches of dangerous goods, including 107 cases that involved tax evasion and false declarations. The volume of illegal hazardous chemicals reached 3,025 tons.

Wangzhi, chief of the analysis division, the sub-bureau of risk prevention and control affiliated to Shanghai Customs, made the following explanations: “Commodities in the chemical industry are various, complex and of high professionalism. Shanghai Customs carries out risk analysis on the process of declaration, storage, and transportation of hazardous goods via the cross-border trading platform, establishing an intelligent model that functions as risk prevention and control, automatic distribution and automatic classification of precursor chemicals and hazardous chemicals. By doing so, we can enhance the accuracy of identifying hazardous goods and conduct the crackdown in a targeted manner.”

As of the end of July 2022, 706 cases were checked via the intelligent risk prevention and control model, among which 128 cases involved false declarations or concealments of imported and exported hazardous chemicals.

Shen Ying, the deputy director from the sub-bureau of risk prevention and control of Shanghai Customs, indicates that “Shanghai Customs will further carry out a holistic approach to national security, constantly strengthen the crackdown on false concealment and evasion from the investigation of hazardous chemicals supported by the cross-border trading platform, and reinforce the risk prevention and control of hazardous chemicals to consolidate the line of defense.”

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