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Supplementation of Vietnam Chemical Substance Inventory will be Closed on 31 May 2020

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In order to better know and manage the manufacturing, import and use of chemicals, Vietnam government is actively supplementing Vietnam Chemical Substances Inventory. The supplementation is to be closed on 31 May 2020.

Up to 1 March 2020, Vietnam Chemicals Response Center has received applications for 36777 substances. Currently, 660 substances have been reviewed and added into the Inventory.

The application for supplementation shall be completed by Vietnamese enterprises. Enterprises must apply for an account on the Vietnam Chemical Substance Database Platform and submit related materials, which include but not limited to:

  1. Name and CAS No. of the substances;
  2. SDS (Vietnamese is preferred);
  3. Invoices or commercial contracts that can prove substances are circulated in Vietnam market;
  4. Other proving documents

For polymers:

Polymers with no CAS No.: Information of the monomers will be supplemented into the inventory; name list of the polymers for import/export shall be sent to Vietnam Chemicals Management Agency (VCA) by Email;

Polymers with CAS No.: The polymers will be supplemented into the inventory

For impurities:

It is suggested that enterprises apply for supplementation of impurities (which will influence the classification of substances) listed in the SDS;

After getting the account, enterprises can search for the targeted substances online. There will be four results:

  • Supplementation submitted and materials reviewed. If enterprises have got the above result, the substances will be added into the inventory automatically;
  • Supplementation submitted and materials not approved. If enterprises have got the above result, then related enterprises should provide further information as required, or the supplementation application will be refused;
  • Supplementation submitted. If enterprises have got the above result, it means that enterprises have submitted the substance information yet have not submitted the proving documents. If related enterprises failed to provide the proving materials, then these substances will not be supplemented into the inventory;
  • Supplementation not submitted: If enterprises get the above result, it means the substances have not listed into the inventory and related enterprises have not submitted application for supplementation.

The supplementation deadline is around the corner. CIRS warmly suggests that enterprises should contact Vietnam importers to confirm whether supplementation is needed.

After the Vietnam establishes its chemical inventory, all substances not listed in the inventory will be considered as new substances. Enterprises may need to complete new substance registration.

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