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Taiwan Existing Chemical Substance Notification has Started

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Taiwan, as one of the important markets for chemical trade, has published the guidance for existing chemical substance notification since 2009. On 5 December 2014, Taiwan MOE published the Act for New Chemical Substance and Existing Chemical Substance Notification (the Act). According to the Article 18 of Chapter 3 to the Act, the Existing Chemical Substance Notification will start on 1 September 2015.

The Act stipulates that the phase I existing chemical substance notification will be required to be completed during 1 September 2015 to 31 March 2016 for meeting one of following criteria:

  1. The average amount of manufacture or import of the existing chemical substance in the last three years before the application for notification is larger than 100kg per year;
  2. The amount of manufacture or import of the existing chemical substance of one year in the last three year before the application for notification is larger than 100kg per year.

After the completion of the notification, a notification number will be assigned to the applicant. People who manufactures, imports or sells existing chemical substance should use the notification number as an approval for the completion of the phase I notification.

Starting from 1 April 2016, enterprise, who manufactures or imports existing chemical substance more than 100 kg per year, should complete the late-pre-notification before due time.

According to the Act, illegal manufacturing or importing of the new chemical substance or existing chemical substance will be fined for 200,000 to 2,000,000 NTD or 30,000 to 300,000 NTD. A second punishment will be given if no actions are taken. A punishment of shutting down or banning will be given if no actions are taken after the second punishment and warning.

CIRS Taiwan Regulatory Team advises that enterprises should prepare the related information for the existing chemical substance according to the Act. The information includes: 1. Enterprise Information (company information, responsible person information, contact information, etc.), 2. Substance Information (CAS Number, etc.), 3. Other Information (manufacturing information, use information, etc.).

If oversea companies are concerning the CBI information for the substance, a TPR (Third-Party-Representative) can be assigned as a Taiwan import to submit the notification. CIRS has helped several oversea companies complete a number of New and Existing Chemical Substance Notification as TPR.

CIRS is carrying out the 1st Summit Meeting on Chemical Regulations in Asia-Pacific (SMCR 2015) during 13-14 October 2015. Experts of Taiwan chemical regulation will come and give an in-depth interpretation, and you will have chance to discuss with experts face to face to give you a better understanding.

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