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Taiwan Revised the Labeling and SDS Rules for Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substances

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The Toxic and Chemical Substances Bureau, Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, (Taiwan, China) released the amendments to articles of the Regulation for the Labeling and Materials Safety Data Sheets for Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substances on July 21, 2022.

The Regulations aligns the EU CLP Regulations, if you would like to know more info about EU CLP, please click EU CLP Compliance

Here are the revised provisions:

Amendment to Article 3

1. Descriptions such as “toxic chemical substances” or “concerned chemical substances” shall be added to hazardous components in subparagraph 2 of paragraph 2.

2. The weight concentration of a solution shall not be expressed as (w/w). The operator shall take appropriate measures to express the weight concentration of a solution as the case may be.

3. “Warning” shall be removed according to the labeling specification under CNS 15030.

4. The labels of substances classified as no hazard under CNS 15030 are not required to indicate the hazard pictograms, warnings, hazard warning information and precautionary statements but shall display the name and hazard components of the substance, as well as the name, address and telephone number of the manufacturer, importer or supplier.

5. The one new provision is added. “In addition to the provisions of the preceding three paragraphs, warnings or other supplementary information shall be displayed in accordance with the Regulation on Operation and Management of Toxic Chemical Substances. For example, nitrous oxide, as a chemical substance of concern, shall be marked with a warning of “restricted to industrial use, do not inhale”.

 Amendment to Article 4

Considering the current situation, requirements on the packaging size of containers are added in accordance with the provision of Article 31 of the CLP Regulation, to accurately express the hazards.

Folding labels, hanging labels and outer packaging labels are available where it is difficult to label toxicity and chemical substances of concern. When the folding labels, hanging labels or outer packaging labels are applied, the size of the label is not restricted by the above dimension requirements.

Amendment to Article 9

Contents in this Article are amended to maintain consistent with that of subparagraph 4 of Article 3.

Amendment to Article 10

Contents in Paragraph 3 of Article 10 are amended based on to maintain consistent with that of Article 3. “Toxic Chemicals Operation Site” or “Concerned Chemical Substances Operation Site” shall be labeled according to the actual operation situation; if the site operates both toxic and chemical substances of concern, it shall be labeled with “Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substances Operation Site”.

Amendment to Article 19

Articles 3 and 4 of the draft amendment shall be implemented from August 31, 2023, with a one-year transitional period. Other amended articles have entered into force from July 21, 2022.

CIRS Comments

Related enterprises should pay attention that the revised Regulation for the Labeling and Materials Safety Data Sheets for Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substances has made further requirements on labels. It worth mentioning that requirements on the label size have been changed significantly, enterprises should update and prepare labels in accordance with the new provisions in a timely manner. Moreover, enterprises should confirm whether the components of their chemical products are identified as toxic chemicals/ concerned chemicals substances or not. If the result is positive, they must display the description “toxic and concerned chemical substance” on the labels. For substances that have no classification, GHS information can be omitted.

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