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The Amended K-REACH will be Adopted on 20 March

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On 14 March 2018, South Korea’s Ministry of Environment announced that the amended K-REACH will be adopted on 20 March 2018, alongside the new K-BPR. Both laws will take effect from 1 January 2019.

A few days ago, the amended K-REACH was just passed by the National Assembly and sent to the president.

The amended K-REACH becomes stricter. The original K-REACH set a target of 510 priority existing chemicals (Pecs) to be registered by 1 June. While this original deadline remains in unchanged, the amendment sets out the goal of registering about 7,000 existing substances over the next 12 years.

Relevant companies, especially those dealing with large numbers of bulk chemicals, must start their regulatory compliance work, to meet the first registration deadline at the end of 2021.

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The amended K-REACH will be adopted on 20 March

K-REACH Announcement (in Korean)


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