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The Chemical Regulations Updates in China – Report for 2016 is Available for Download

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The Chemical Regulations Updates in China – Report for 2016 is now available for download.

The chemical industry witnessed significant changes to the chemical regulations in China in the past year, for instance, the updates on transportation of dangerous, the updates on GHS, the release of Guidance Document on New Chemical Substance Registration (Draft), etc. In order to make enterprises better understand the chemical regulation updates in China during 2016, CIRS gives a summary report concerning the updates on chemical regulations.

This report was made by some of the most experienced experts in the industry, including Ms. Cloris Pan, Head of CIRS GHS Team, Mr. Bruce Wang, Head of CIRS New Chemical Substance Notification, Ms. Grace Ma, Deputy Director of CIRS R&D Department, Mr. Michael Chang, Head of CIRS R&D Department/Chief Regulatory Expert and Ms. Anny Liu, Hazmat Compliance Manager APAC, Givaudan.

The report covers the most significant regulatory reforms in China during 2016, which may mostly impact the chemical enterprises. They relate to:

  1. New chemical substance notification
  2. Hazardous chemicals
  3. Toxic chemicals restricted to be imported/exported in China
  4. China GHS updating
  5. Regulation compliance for consumer products
  6. Laboratory situations in China
  7. National Catalogue of Hazardous Wastes (Edition 2016)
  8. Chemical product supervision in China

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