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Vietnam has Opened a New Round of Chemical Inventory Supplementation

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Vietnam has reopened the supplementation of Vietnam Chemical Substance Inventory and the supplementation will be closed on 15 Apr. 2021.

The first round of substance supplementation was closed on 31 May 2020. Many companies fail to submit the applications for supplementation in the first round as there is not enough time to collect substance information.

Information Required for Inventory Supplementation Includes:

  • Manufacturer and its address;
  • Vietnamese importer;
  • CAS No.;
  • SDS;
  • Import volume (kg)
  • The Sales Contract with a Vietnamese company; and
  • A invoice between the overseas manufacturer/exporter and the Vietnamese company.

If the substance does not have a CAS No., then the inventory supplementation cannot be completed. Besides, if the chemical name in the SDS is not consistent with that in the Vietnam Chemical Substance Inventory Supplementation System, it is suggested that related companies should revise the SDS, so that the name in the SDS could be consistent with that in the system.

CIRS warmly reminds that in order to submit the supplementation in time, related companies should prepare the required information as soon as possible

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The first round of substance supplementation was closed on 31 May 2020


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