CIRS Korea Elected as Organizer of the Pilot Project for the Analysis of Active Substance
Published: Author: Source: CIRS


CIRS Korea is selected as the organizer of the "Pilot Project for the Analysis of Active Substance" promoted by the Ministry of Environment in South Korea.

Under this pilot project, MoE will elect five substances with high difficulty in analyzing applied by SMEs and carry out qualitative and quantitative tests on the principal components and impurities containing over 0.1% of these five substances under the requirements of Act on Safety Management of Household Chemical Products and Lactivants. The organizer should submit the material and get approved before 31 Dec. 2021.

This pilot project will be carried out by CIRS Korea (Organizer) and other three publicly recognized testing institutions (Executive Organization). The election of Organizer shows that MoE has recognized the expertise and technical capabilities of CIRS Korea and CIRS Korea will dedicated to help related enterprises get through the difficulties.

Except the analysis of active substances for biocides, CIRS Korea is also able to provide components analysis services as well as relevant regulatory compliance services on biocidal products for both domestic and foreign enterprises.

Established in Nov. 2018, CIRS Korea was considered as an important milestone for the CIRS Group’s global strategic layout. It devoted itself to providing global chemical regulation consultancy services, especially K-REACH compliance and products safety regulation consultancy services in South Korea. After three years of operation, CIRS Korea has become one of the top chemical regulatory compliance consulting firms in South Korea.



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