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CFDA Notice on Unqualified Baby Lotion from Shanghai Les enphants Co., Ltd (Notice No. 12, 2018)

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In 2017, the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) organized a nationwide sampling of 1011 batches of baby cosmetics, 1010 of which were passed, only one batch of Baby cute baby lotion produced by Shanghai Hua NI transparent beauty soap Co., Ltd, which was consigned by Shanghai Les enphants Co., Ltd, was failed because the total number of colonies exceeded the standard.

All cosmetics companies were required by CFDA to stop selling the product. Shanghai Food and Drug Administration has ordered Shanghai Les enphants Co., Ltd to recall failed products and has inspected those two companies. Shanghai FDA was required by CFDA to deal with the above companies seriously in accordance with laws and to disclose relevant information in time.

Table 1Detailed info of unqualified baby lotion

Company name of sampling

Sampling site

Product name


Batch no/expiration date

Unqualified item

Test result

Limit level


Liaoning province

Baby cute baby lotion



Total number of colonies



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Source: CFDA Notice on the Unqualified Baby Lotion


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