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CIRS Autumn Global Cosmetic Webinar Series

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At CIRS we pride ourselves on holding regular training events to provide our clients, partners, and members of the regulatory sector with the most up-to-date knowledge and developments in the ever-expanding field of international regulations.

In the autumn edition of our global cosmetic webinar series, we will be focusing on the key regulatory issues affecting the cosmetic industry we will be comparing the requirements in the EU, UK, China, and South Korea.

Who Should Attend?

  • Cosmetic ingredient manufacturers;
  • Cosmetic ingredient distributors/traders;
  • Finished cosmetic product manufacturers/formulators and brands;
  • Cosmetic regulatory affairs specialists.

Training Series Schedule

Date & Time

Topic and Speaker



September 21, 2023

2 pm (GMT +1)

Cosmetic Ingredient Requirements in the EU, UK, China and South Korea.

Bryan Zhou

- Introduction to cosmetic ingredient management in the EU and UK;

- Introduction to cosmetic ingredient management in China;

- Introduction to Cosmetic ingredient management in South Korea; and

- Comparisons across different markets.


September 26, 2023

2 pm (GMT +1)

Animal Testing Requirements in the EU, UK, China and South Korea.

Yasmine Boulanouar

- Navigating the Global Cosmetic Landscape: Explore the intricate world of cosmetics regulations as we delve into the contrasting approaches the EU/UK, China, and South Korea take. Gain valuable insights into how these regions regulate animal testing in the cosmetics industry;

- Cruelty-Free Beauty: Join us on a journey to uncover the differences, challenges, and progress made in the pursuit of cruelty-free cosmetics. Discover the ethical and scientific aspects of animal testing and learn how these practices vary across these key markets; and

- Impact on Brands and Consumers: Understand the regulatory differences’ implication on cosmetics companies, market access, and consumer choices. Gain the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about product development and marketing strategies in an increasingly globalized cosmetic industry.


October 3, 2023

2 pm (GMT +1)

Labeling Claims Requirements in the EU, UK, China and South Korea.

Julie Harrington

- Introduction to labeling requirements in the EU and UK;

- Introduction to labeling requirements in China;

- Introduction to labeling requirements in South Korea; and

- Comparison study of labeling requirements across different markets.


October 12, 2023

2 pm (GMT +1)

Microplastics Requirements in the EU and the UK.

Yasmine Boulanouar

- The Impact of Microplastics: Understand where and how microplastics are used in cosmetics and discover how these tiny particles are posing significant environmental and health concerns. Uncover the hidden sources of microplastics in personal care products;

- Regulatory Updates: Explore the evolution of microplastic regulations in the cosmetics industry. Learn about the latest guidelines and restrictions governments and international bodies have imposed and their implications for cosmetics manufacturers; and

- Innovation and Sustainability: How the cosmetics industry is responding to the challenges posed by microplastic regulations. See innovative alternatives and sustainable practices that are reshaping product formulations and marketing strategies.


Please note, the webinars were previously advertised as being presented twice – at 2pm (BST) and 2pm (EST). However, they will just be presented at 2pm (BST). If you are unable to attend you'll be able to listen back free and on-demand via this link.


Bryan Zhou, Deputy General Manager in CIRS Europe

Mr. Bryan Zhou is Deputy General Manager of our European office based in Dublin, Ireland. He has been working for CIRS since 2015 after receiving his Master's degree in Chemistry from the University of Cincinnati. His extensive expertise includes EU REACH, China REACH, K-REACH, Global GHS requirements and other worldwide chemical regulation compliance knowledge. Bryan has assisted hundreds of EU companies meet regulatory compliance requirements in these regions.

Yasmine Boulanouar, Senior Regulatory Toxicologist in CIRS Europe

Yasmine has an MS in Toxicology, risk assessment and vigilance from the Farmacy University of Paris-Saclay. She has more than ten years of experience in the cosmetics and consumer products industries, working for companies such as L'Oréal, J&J, and Bic. She specializes in toxicology and risk assessment, as well as regulatory affairs. She is based in Paris and covers the UK and European markets.

Julie Harrington, Senior Regulatory Consultant in CIRS Europe

Julie graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a B.Sc. (hons) degree in Medicinal Chemistry. She has also worked in the pharmaceutical industry in the area of Quality Control. She joined the CIRS group in 2019 as a Regulatory Consultant and is now coordinating the cosmetic service at the Dublin office, specializing in cosmetic regulations in China. She is also experienced with the chemical regulatory sector including EU REACH, UK REACH, Global GHS, China REACH and KKDIK regulations.


Note: You will receive emails with a link one day and 15 minutes before the webinar starts. By clicking that link, you shall be able to join our webinar automatically. Please note that space is strictly limited to a maximum of 100 attendees.

System Requirement

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On Mobile Service: Zoom mobile app downloaded from the App store or the Google Play Store

If you need further assistance about joining the webinar, please click here to Zoom Help Center.

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