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CIRS Launched the Chinese Digital Cosmetic Compliance Platform

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Recent years have witnessed the earthshaking changes in the cosmetic industry: the Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulations have replaced the Regulations concerning Hygiene Supervision over Cosmetics in 2021 before the release of a series of supportive rules. Facing the challenges in the revolution of cosmetic regulations and the Covid-19 epidemic, it is urgent for cosmetic enterprises to quickly and accurately respond to the changes.

To help cosmetics enterprises accelerate research and development of products, provide solutions to address practical issues, and reduce compliance risks, CIRS has prepared and launched the Chinese Digital Cosmetic Compliance Platform.

Main Functions and Features of the Platform

Information query in China CosIng Database of Cosmetic

China CosIng Database contains the following lists:

  • Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China (IECIC 2021)
  • Inventory of Prohibited Cosmetic Ingredients in China (2021)
  • Inventory of Prohibited Plant and Animal-Derived Cosmetic Ingredients (2021)
  • Inventory of Restricted Cosmetic Ingredients (2015)
  • List of Allowed Colorants in Cosmetic Safety and Technical Standards (2015)
  • List of Allowed Preservatives in Cosmetic Safety and Technical Standards (2015)
  • List of Allowed UV Filters in Cosmetic Safety and Technical Standards (2015)
  • List of Allowed Hair Dyes in Cosmetic Safety and Technical Standards (2015)
  • Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances Produced or Imported in China (2021)
  • the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) (2021)

Please click here to get access to the China CosIng Database (English)

Support for advanced search

Information query in China cosmetic regulations and standards database

Cosmetics formula online proofreading and early warning

  • Chinese and English name error display, automatic repair, multiple alternatives
  • Purpose of use in both English and Chinese, automatic translation, multiple alternatives
  • Content calculation and calibration, correction of the content in one click
  • Automatic ordering
  • Five different formats of formula export, early warning results export

Cosmetic packaging component/ cost audit and void rate calculation

  • Compare the formula with the ingredients on the label and check whether they are match

  • Packing cost and void rate calculation

Cosmetics promotion copywriting and efficacy claim review

Identification of cosmetics testing items

  • Identify test items according to different product types and different situations

Cosmetics safety assessment report online generation

  • According to Technical Guidelines for Cosmetics Safety Assessment (2021), integrate cosmetics raw material databases at home and abroad
  • Generation of the report in one click, quick preview
  • Completion of the preliminary safety assessment of cosmetic products in 3 minutes

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