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28 August 2018, CIRS Free Webinar: How to Smoothly Export Food Contact Resin and Plastic to China?

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Chinese government published a series of national standards (GBs) for food contact materials and products (FCM) in the end of 2016, and all of them have come into force on 19 October 2017. However, because of the language barrier and Chinese governmental structures, the new FCM GBs are elusive for most oversea companies. What’s worse, some companies even were not aware of the new requirements in the FCM GBs. For example, some companies had not prepared the Declaration of Compliance (DoC) when importing FCM into China, which caused a lot of troubles.

Did your company miss the important requirements of the new FCM GBs? And now you are confused about what exactly should prepare for the compliance of your products? The good news is, this time CIRS will take the food contact plastic as an example, untangling the Chinese food contact regulation system. We will discuss:

  • The procedure of FCM importing to China
  • How to check the compliance of the added food contact resins and additives?
  • How to conduct the routine tests, migration test, etc.?
  • How to prepare a standard label and DoC?

Time and Schedule



Time (Beijing Time,GMT+8)



28 August 2018


Cathy Yu


28 August 2018


Cathy Yu

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Presentation Focus

  • Definition of FCM
  • China FCM Legal Framework
  • Case Study: Finished Plastic Product
  • Introduction of GB4806.6-2016 Food Contact Resin
  • Introduction of GB9685-2016 The Uses of Food Contact Additives
  • Introduction of GB4806.7-2016 Food Contact Plastic
  • Introduction of GB4806.1-2016 The General Rules of Food Contact Materials and Articles


Ms. Cathy Yu, General Manager of Food Business Division from CIRS Group

Ms. Cathy Yu's major in university was food science and engineering, she is very familiar with food industry, and has extensive experience in food and food related laws and regulations. She works in CIRS Group for more than 5 years and responsible for dealing with regulatory issues from oversea companies.


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