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CFDA Issued the Administrative Measure on Daily Supervision and Inspection of Food Production and Operation

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On 8 March 2016, CFDA issued the Administrative Measure on Daily Supervision and Inspection of Food Production and Operation to strengthen the daily management, and establish a scientific system. When this new measure comes into force on 1 May 2016, the supervision and inspection on food production and operation will be stricter and more standardized. Food enterprises should realize the requirements of this measure, and prepare to be inspected.

1. What are the application scopes of this measure?

In accordance with this new measure, FDA departments will conduct the daily supervision and inspection on the implementation of food laws and regulations, food safety standards and others by food producers and distributors.

2. What are the main items of FDA daily supervision and inspection?



Main items


Food producer

Production condition, incoming inspection, production process control, products inspection results, storage and delivery control, unsafe food management and food recall, employees managements, food safety accident response, and etc.


Food distributor

Qualifications, health management of employees, implementation on general provisions and forbidden provisions, process control, incoming inspection, food storage, unsafe food recall, label and manual, special food sales, imported food sales, food safety accident response, and etc.


Catering service provider

Qualifications, health management of employees, raw material control, process control, food additives management, equipment maintenance and disinfection, food safety accident response, and etc.

3. How do local FDAs carry out the daily supervision?

I. Local FDA departments will set out daily supervision plan according to food categories, enterprise scale, management level, food safety condition, credit record, and will conduct food safety risk management. The supervision plan will exposure to public.

II. FDA departments will randomly select inspected food companies, randomly appoint inspectors for each supervision.

III. The inspectors should conduct the supervision according to the required items. The results will exposure to public within 2 days after the supervision finished.

4. What are the corresponding documents of this measure?

I. The supervision key points table and relevant result record form are both under formulation by CFDA, and will be released before 1 May 2016.

II. CFDA is formulating the Measure of Food Production and Operation Risk Graded Management. Local FDA should stipulate the inspection frequency of each company according to this measure. When the frequency is determined, the actual inspection frequency should not be less than the planned frequency.

5. What are the responsibilities of food producers and distributers?

I. Food producers and distributers should assist FDA's supervision, and provide relevant materials when required.

II. Third party evaluation on food companies’ management system is suggested by FDA, and the results can be the reference of daily supervision.


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