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How to Understand the Chinese Label of Pre-packaged Edible Vegetable Oil

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In order to help consumers scientifically purchase, consume and store pre-packaged edible vegetable oil, State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) of China has made tips on how to understand the Chinese label of pre-packaged edible vegetable oil as following on December 25, 2018.

(1) Product name

I. For a single edible vegetable oil, the standard name shall be used, e.g., peanut oil, and it shall not be mixed with other oils.

II. The edible vegetable oil prepared by blending two or more edible vegetable oils, the product name shall be "edible vegetable blending oil".

III. If the GM crop is not approved for importation as food raw material, or not approved for commercial planting in China, and there is no such GM crop and its products on the market, "non-GM" is not allowed to be indicated on the label.

(2) Ingredient list

I. The ingredient list shall be guided by "ingredients" or "ingredient list" on the label, and the ingredients used shall be indicated in the ingredient list.

II. For the product of "edible vegetable blending oil", the proportion of various edible vegetable oils used in the product shall be indicated in the ingredient list or near the ingredient list.

(3)Nutrition Information

The content of energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate, sodium and their NRV% must be indicated in the Nutrition Information. If hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils are used, the content of trans fats (acids) should be indicated as well.

(4) Production date, shelf life and storage condition

The shelf life is the period for edible vegetable oil to maintain product quality under the storage condition specified on the label. It is suggested to select products whose production dates are close to the purchase time and within the shelf life, and pay attention to the storage condition required by the products.

(5)Other useful information

I. Manufacturer and distributor information (Including name, address and contact information). Imported edible vegetable oil does not need to indicate the manufacturer information, but country of origin, as well as the name, address and contact information of the agent, importer or distributor registered in China shall be indicated.

II. Food production license number and product standard code (Not applicable to imported foods).

III. For edible vegetable blending oil, the manufacturer can choose to indicate the names and content of fatty acids over 2%.


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