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Summary of Updates to the Notice on 6 Approved New Food Raw Materials

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In 2008, ‘new resource food’ was renamed as ‘new food raw material’, and from then on, till July 31, 2020, the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China (NHC, former NHFPC) has publicly accepted 367 new food raw materials, and 132 of them have been approved. One decade passed from the earliest approval, with the rapid development of food technology, thus, the information of some announcements of the approved materials on processing, daily intake dosage and application scope, etc., have been changed and updated accordingly. CIRS therefore, concludes the updated information on the 6 approved new food raw materials in this article as below:

The 6 new food raw materials are Xylo-oligosaccharide, Plant stanol ester, Cordyeps militaris, Inulin, Sucrose Ployesters and Calcium β-hydroxy-β-methyl butyrate (CaHMB). The detailed information of the updates are shown in the table below:


Product Name

Update Content



1) Adding the corn stalk (corncob) as its raw material origin;

2) Adjusting its daily intake to ≤3.0 g;

3) Adding preparing approach: high pressure cooking


Plant stanol ester

Adding tarot oil as its raw material origin, and the application scope is no longer specified.


Cordyeps militaris

The daily intake dosage, quality specification requirements and application scope of cordyeps militaris are not specified after the update



Adding jerusalem artichoke as its raw material origin.


Sucrose Ployesters

Adjusting its daily intake to ≤10.6 g, and the application scope is not specified after the update


Calcium β-hydroxy-β-methyl butyrate (CaHMB)

Expanding its application scope to beverages, milk and dairy products, cocoa products, chocolate and chocolate products, candy, and bakery products.

CIRS Comments:

The 6 new food raw materials shall be managed in accordance with the updated announcements. For situations that the new food raw materials do not meet the requirements of the announcements, like the changes/differences on the sources of raw materials, the application scope, and the processing measures, the safety assessment is required, and the new material shall be re-declared. The re-declared products may be released in forms of updated announcements, or listed in ‘Termination of Review’ for management. However, the final evaluation results are subject to the National Health Commission.

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