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The First Safe Certification for Food Contact Product of Household Appliance in China

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On 16 September 2015, China Quality Certification Center (CQC) has awarded the first Food Contact Product of Household and Similar Appliance Safe Certification to Joyang Cooperation’s 26 products including soybean milk machine, pressure electric cooker, juicer, noodle maker, capsule coffee maker and etc.

Small household appliance industry in China

According to the statistic, the kitchen household appliance industry has a surgent increase in recent few years. The sales quantity has reached 0.45 billion in 2014 and the total industrial output value has break through 15 billion yuan. Even more, this number is keep increasing with 9% annually. However, compared with the possessing capacity of 20-30 pieces small household appliances per family in developed country, Chinese family with a possessing capacity of 5-7 pieces has enormous potential.

It worth noting that accompanied with the surgent increase of small household appliance industry, the safety issue has become an inevitable challenge. Soybean milk machine lubricant pollution, exceed heavy mental of redware pot, coffee cup releasing bisphenol A and other food contact material issues which consecutively arouse the attention of media and consumers.

CQC Certification

CQC is the unique national certification authority of International Electrotechnical Commission(IEC) in china and the full member of International Certification Network (IQNet). CQC has built international mutual recognition with many famous certification authorities. In addition, it has extensively international communication and good international image as well as high recognition of consumers.

The Safe Certification Rules for Food Contact Product of Household and Similar Appliance, which published by CQC stipulates three major aspects: Product testing, Factory inspection and Subsequent supervision.

Product testing: With regard to the testing items, apart from the mandatory testing items in the material or product national standard (GB), the migration testing and residue testing for substances of very high concern (SVHC) which are added as food contact additives are also necessary. For the tests condition, aside of the required testing condition in national standard, the food contact household appliance actually use conditions are also take into consideration.

Factory inspection: Reinforce the consistency control of product raw material. For metal product, the metal brand should be analyzed and identified, and the fingerprint detection method is adapted to plastic resin analysis. Therefore, the on-the-spot inspection of the factory will be needed.

Subsequent supervision: the CQC will conduct subsequent supervision for the certificated product through CQC’s widely spread certification network to ensure that the certificated enterprise could maintain producing qualified product which corresponds with the certification.

Such a high standard certification could provide convenience and trust to distributers as well as consumers, and also could be the passport of Food Contact Household Appliance in China market. The biggest electronic commerce enterprise in China, namely Tmall,l has implied that they will require this certification for relevant product which is sold in Tmall in the future. Household and similar appliance manufacturers are encouraged to apply the safe certification.

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