Free Webinar: How to Register Genetically Modified Microorganism (GMM) Food Additive in China?
In the past, except for registration of new enzymes produced by GMMs, other registrations of new food additives or food raw materials produced by GMMs are unacceptable by National Health Commission (NHC) in China, which means, these new food ingredients have no chance to enter the Chinese market as a food additive or food raw material. In the year of 2021, NHC opened the application channel for GMM food additives.
Free Webinar: How to Register New Food Raw Materials (Food Ingredients) Successfully in China
In recent years, domestic and overseas enterprises are enthusiastic about the registration of new food raw materials in China. In 2021 alone, 27 new food raw materials were accepted by the National Health Commission (NHC), more than two times the number accepted in 2020. To apply for a new food raw material, the applicant needs to complete the preparation of a series of materials such as the raw material development report, safety assessment report and production process material. In order to help enterprises understand the status of new food raw material application and management system in China, CIRS Group will hold a webinar in June 2022.
Free Webinar: Introduction of the New Hazardous Chemical Registration System in China
In recent years, the Chinese government has gradually strengthened the supervision of hazardous chemicals. This year witnessed the implementation of the "one enterprise, one product, one code" management system of hazardous chemicals throughout the country. The registration system of hazardous chemicals put into use on February 16, 2022. Facing the transformation of the old and new systems, many enterprises encountered some registration difficulties. CIRS will organize a free webinar to introduce the "one enterprise, one product, one code" system.
Free Webinar: Cosmetic Efficacy Evaluation Requirements under CSAR
On April 9, 2021, NMPA issued the Cosmetics Classification Rules and Classification Catalogue and Standards for the Evaluation of Cosmetics Efficacy Claims, which stipulated legal basis for the testing of efficacy claims. The regulations have set a transitional period for products in different status to submit the efficacy. In order to help enterprises have a better understanding of the regulatory requirements under the new regulations and more reasonably assess the efficacy claims for their products, Personal and Home Care Products Division is to host a free webinar on Cosmetic Efficacy Evaluation Requirements under the New Regulations to introduce the requirements of cosmetic efficacy evaluation under the new regulations.
Free Webinar: Latest Label Regulation Updates for Solid Beverage and Risk Prevention for Food Advertising in China
In the past few years, some solid beverage products posing as FSMP products, infant formula products, and even food supplements in the Chinese market. Those solid beverage products use incompliant labels and advertisements with all kinds of function claims to mislead the consumers. In order to help consumers better recognize those products, China authority SAMR has taken the action to investigate those products, and issued new labeling regulations for solid beverages, effective since June 1st of 2022.
Free Webinar: Dossier Evaluation under China MEE Order 12th (China REACH)
It has been more than a year since the updated "Measures for the Environmental Management Registration of New Chemical Substances" (or China MEE Order 12th, known as China REACH) entered into force. Compared with the previous MEP Order 7th, the Chinese authority is becoming stricter in reviewing registration dossiers. Registrants may have to submit supplemental information back-and-forth. To help registrants better compile the registration dossiers, CIRS is to organize a free webinar regarding how Chinese authorities are reviewing the dossiers both in completeness review and expert committee evaluation stages, what are the main supplemental information required by the authorities and the counter-measures.
Free Webinar: Introduction of Draft Revision of Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetic (2022 Edition)
The Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics (STSC, 2015 edition), formulated based on the Regulations on the Hygiene Supervision of Cosmetics issued in 1989, is an important technical regulation for the supervision and industrial research and development of cosmetics. The revisions regarding some contents of STSC were issued in multiple NMPA notices since the launch of STSC in 2015. So far, there are 8 revisions/supplements. In order to meet the development needs of the industry and improve the adaptability and operability of STSC, it is necessary to sort out and integrate the contents of STSC and the multiple public notices regarding its revision issued and implemented.
Free Webinar: How to Register an Existing Cosmetic Ingredient on the Safety Information Platform in China?
In this webinar, we will discuss how to successfully register an existing cosmetic ingredient on the safety information platform in China. The platform was launched by the NMPA (National Medical Products Administration) at the beginning of 2022. It enables cosmetic ingredient manufacturers and distributors to upload the safety information of their raw materials and generate a submission code. The code can be provided to their downstream users for their cosmetic product notification & registration in China.
Free Webinar: Latest Updates of China Health Food (Dietary Supplement) Registration/Filing Regulation and Practical Skill Sharing
In 2021, China has expanded the health food filing dictionary, some functional ingredients such as Coenzyme q10 has been officially included in the filing dictionary, also DHA and protein may be included in the filing dictionary soon. A series of new regulations are assisting the health food filing to a new stage. However, the functional evaluation test method for the registration process has not been implemented, how do the enterprises plan for new product registration becomes the focus. In the meanwhile, the authorities have published many food supplement label related regulations, and many of them have the big impact on the health food labels from 2022.
Free Webinar: Regulatory Activities of China Medical Device in 2021
In 2021, China accelerates medical device regulatory reform with new medical device regulations, the new Medical Device Administration Regulations(Decree No. 739) implemented on 1 June 2021, the new Medical Device Registration Rules ( SAMR order No. 47) and In Vitro Diagnostic Reagent Registration Rules (SAMR order No. 48) come into force on 1 October 2021, and the new requirements of medical device registration dossier be implemented from 1 January 2022.