Free Webinar: Overview of EU Poison Centre Notification (PCN) and Case Analysis
From the 1st of January 2021, companies who are placing Consumer and Professional mixtures on the EU market are required to complete a Poison Centre Notification (PCN) through the harmonized notification system governed by ECHA. This requirement will also apply to Industrial mixtures from the 1st of January 2024. The PCN will allow medical professionals to have sufficient knowledge about a chemical when responding to a medical emergency. In this webinar CIRS will explore the regulation further, detail the information required for the submission and provide insights from our practical experience dealing with such notifications.
IDA Ireland Visited CIRS Ireland
February 25th 2019: Senan O'Riain, Business Development Manager and Sarah Connelly, from the Chinese Market department of IDA Ireland, jointly visited the office of CIRS Ireland. CIRS Ireland, a subsidiary company of CIRS Group, has been a member of the IDA since 2008. The meeting started in a cordial and friendly fashion, with IDA officials very pleased to see the recent recruitment and business development efforts CIRS has made in Ireland and Europe. During the meeting, th