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Malaysia Environmentally Hazardous Substances Notification and Registration Scheme (EHSNR) 

This regulation was proposed in January 2009. Since it has never been written into a law, it remains as voluntary and industries can continue to do the registration and notification on a voluntary basis. Data shall be submitted to Department of Environment (DoE) based on voluntary principle. In 2011, the official regulation came into force and the submission of environmentally hazardous substances (EHS) data became mandatory. 

According to EHSNR, manufactures and importers of EHS and importers of chemical mixtures or finished products that contain EHS as their constituents, and the company is an importer of individual EHS and/or chemical mixtures or finished products containing EHS as constituents above certain cut-off limits shall apply for EHS notification and registration. An EHS is a substance that is included in the EHS Reference List, or if not on the list, must be assigned a hazard category under the GHS classification scheme, as implemented by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health Malaysia. 

The EHS Reference List adopted by the DoE is based on the proposal for a harmonised European list of classification and labelling of substances according to GHS. This list has been translated from the harmonized classification and labelling in the European Annex Ⅵ to the REGULATION (EC) No 1272/2008. 

Registration bodies 

- Manufacturer in Malaysia; 

- Importer in Malaysia; 

- Oversea supplier (Detailed notification only). 

Main notification Types 

Two types of notification are used to manage environmentally hazardous substances: Basic Notification and Detailed Notification. Each type of notification applies to different substances.  

1. Required information of basic notification(for substances on EHS reference list only): 

-substance identification information: (CAS number, EC number. or Code number);

-annual tonnage; 

-use of the substance; concentration range of the substance in raw material or finished products; country of export (if imported). 

Shall be submitted each year. 

2. Required information of detailed notification (for substances not on EHS reference list): 

-all information required by basic notification; 

-molecular formula, molecular weight, molecular structure information; 

-physical and chemical properties; 

-physical and chemical category; 

-hazard information to human health; 

-hazard information to environment; 

-GHS classification. 

Detailed notification will only be submitted once, unless data of hazards are modified significantly. Once the substance is included in the list, basic notification shall be notified from next year. 

Malaysia's Occupational Safety and Health (Classification, Labelling and Safety Data Sheet of Hazardous Chemicals) Regulations (known as CLASS Regulations) 

These regulations, published on 11 October 2013, officially introduced GHS into Malaysia and required mandatory notification of hazardous chemicals. CLASS Regulations only apply to chemicals supplied for use at a place of work. 

The manufacturer or importer who intends to manufacture or import the hazardous chemicals (substance or mixture) shall compile an inventory of hazardous chemicals (substance or mixture) supplied in the quantity of 1t/y or above. The inventory shall include the following information: 

-product identifier; 

-name of each hazardous chemical; 

-composition and ingredients of each hazardous chemical; 

-hazard classification; 

total quantity of each hazardous chemical supplied. 

Such an inventory shall be submitted to the Department of Occupational Safety and Health no later than 31 March in the following year. 

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