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China Fertilizer Registration and Filing

China has implemented a fertilizer registration system. It is prohibited to import, produce, sell or use un-registered fertilizers in China.

Fertilizer Regulations in China

  • Measures on the Management of Fertilizer Registration (Decree 8 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China, effective on November 30, 2017. )

  • Fertilizer Data requirements (Decree 8 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China, effective on November 30, 2017.)

Who Shall Register

  • Domestic fertilizer manufacturers

  • Foreign enterprises exporting fertilizers to China

Note: Overseas fertilizer registration applicant shall appoint a Chinese agent to facilitate the registration work.


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China (MARA) and provincial agriculture authorities.

Application Types

There are two types of fertilizer registrations in China: registration and record-filing. Record-filing is easier as it does not require explicit administrative approval.


Fertilizers that can be approved without technical review:

  • Water-soluble fertilizer containing amino-acids

  • Water-soluble fertilizer containing humic-acids

  • Microbial fertilizers


Fertilizers that require technical review:

  • Urea ammonium nitrate solution

  • Potassium nitrate fertilizers

  • Ammonium nitrate fertilizers

  • Calcium ammonium nitrate

  • control release fertilizers

  • Fertilizers containing calcium and magnesium

  • Calcium nitrate Fertilizers

  • Magnesium of sulphate Fertilizers

  • Micro-elements fertilizers

  • Organic water-soluble fertilizers

  • Soil amendments

  • Agro-forestry absorbent polymer



  • Water-soluble macronutrient fertilizers

  • Water-soluble micronutrient fertilizers

  • Water-soluble fertilizers containing calcium and magnesium

  • Potassium magnesium of sulphate

  • Potassium magnesium of Chloride

Registration Data Requirements

Fertilizer registration data usually includes application form, copies of business license, certificate of production or sale permit, quality assurance statement, manufacturing process, labels and use instructions, efficacy reports and test samples.

Registration and Evaluation Process


Our Services

We provide one-stop solutions to help you comply with fertilizer regulations in China.

Our services include:

  • China fertilizer registration or filing;

  • China fertilizer change registration;

  • Testing coordination;

  • Dossier preparation and submission;

  • Fertilizer filing;

  • Fertilizer registration renewal;

  • Label review;

  • Annual quality test;

  • Provincial registration;

  • Fertilizer regulatory consulting/reporting/training.

Why Choose Us

The agrochemical division of CIRS group is located in Beijing. All team members have master's degree or above in plant protection or chemistry. The core members of this team are senior regulatory experts that have worked in top multinational agrochemical companies for many years. We can help you remove your regulatory challenges and ensure smooth fertilizer product registrations in China.