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China is Seeking Public Comments on the Measures for the Management of Pesticide Granule Formulations

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Granules of pesticide are widely used solid formulations both domestically and internationally. However, some granules are applied in a non-targeted manner, with imprecise control of pests and diseases, and higher dosage, failing to meet the requirements of reducing pesticide usage and enhancing efficacy, thus posing challenges to environmental preservation. To strengthen risk management and control in the registration and use of granules and align with the principles of safety, environmental protection, precise control, and reduced pesticide usage while enhancing efficacy, it is proposed to implement management measures for granules.


1. To implement classification-based management. Unless registered for controlling soil-borne diseases and subterranean pests already, new registrations for granules used in controlling aboveground pests and diseases through soil application will generally not be approved.

2. To develop an applicable catalog. The "Guiding Catalog for the Application Scope of Pesticide Granule Formulations" (Annex 1, hereinafter referred to as the "Catalog") will be established. Pests and diseases listed in the Catalog will be eligible for registration of granules. However, strict control measures will be employed for the registration of granules listed in the Catalog used for controlling weeds in paddy fields, special target organisms, and specific application sites.

3. To set a deadline for the clearance of registered products. For granules that have obtained registration but do not comply with the requirements of the Catalog or require modifications or cancellations (see Annex 2), the registrants may choose to apply for expanding the scope of use for corresponding target organisms listed in the Catalog. The submitted materials must comply with the "Requirements for Pesticide Registration Data". Starting from January 1, 2026, registrations for pesticide granule formulations not listed in the Catalog will no longer be retained, and from January 1, 2028, the sale and use of such formulations will be prohibited.

The notice is available for public comments now. Any feedback could be sent in writing or via email to the Pesticide Management Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs before January 26, 2024.


Fax: 010-59191875

Mailing Address: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Pesticide Management Division, Agricultural Exhibition Hall, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China (Postal Code: 100125)

To access the attached files, please visit the following website:

Guided Directory of Granules and Scope of Application and Granules to be Modified or Cancelled.

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