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China MARA Consults on Registration Data Requirements for Herbicides on GM Crops

On 26 Nov 2021, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) published draft registration data requirements for herbicides used on genetically modified crops for consultation. This is a good sign that China will soon permit the planting of major GM varieties of major feed or food crops.

Main data requirement is similar to pesticide registration data requirements for conventional crops. However, the following specific requirements apply to herbicide registration on GM Crops in China:

  1. Target GM crop must have been issued with Agricultural GMOs Safety Certificate;
  2. Efficacy and residue trials can only be conducted in allowed/specified planting areas;
  3. Labels must be specified with a statement such "use for xxx only"

Along with the draft data requirements, China MARA also consulted guidelines on efficacy trials for herbicides used on herbicide-tolerant corn and soybeans. The deadline for comment is 31 Dec 2021.



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