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New Marking Requirements for Fertilizers in China (GB 18382-2021) Will Enter into Force on 1 May 2022

Chinese compulsory national standard GB 18382-2021 Fertilizer marking—Presentation and declaration was issued on 30 April 2021 and will come into force on 1 May 2022. What this means is that fertilizer companies need to review the markings/labels of their products to ensure compliance with the new standard before May next year.

Marking Requirements

According to the new standard, the following info needs to be marked on fertilizer packages.

  • Fertilizer product name and trade mark;

  • Specification, grade and category;

  • Product composition: main nutrients and content;

  • Product execution standard number;

  • Production license or product registration number(if applicable);

  • Net content;

  • Name and address of manufacturer or distributor;

  • Safety warnings;

  • Use instructions;

  • Country of origin (for imported fertilizer).

The standard also bans the use of exaggerated or misleading words in product name such as "high efficiency", "high yield" and "promote plant growth".

Marking Area and Font Size

The size of marking area and font shall be adjusted according to the size of containers/packages. The standard also sets the minimum marking area (120mm x 70mm) and minimun font size (3mm). 


National Standard | GB 18382-2021 (


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