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Pesticide Registration in Cambodia

The "Law on the Management of Pesticides and Fertilizers" in Cambodia establishes a thorough regulatory framework for the management of pesticides and fertilizers. It stipulates that pesticides must be registered, classified for toxicity, and meet specific standard requirements before being traded or used in Cambodia. It also outlines procedures for pesticide sample analysis, bio-efficacy tests, registration certificates, and criteria for denying registration.

Definition of Pesticides in Cambodia

In Cambodia, pesticide refers to a product, which consists of mixed composition or mixture of active ingredients and inert ingredients, and is used to control pests including: preventing, destroying, attracting, and repelling insects and weeds and mitigate damage of diseases that are caused by fungi, bacteria, nematode and virus. It also includes agrochemicals used to stimulate or facilitate physiological function of plant organs such as plant growth regulator or plant growth stimulator, defoliant, or substances to promote fruit growth or prevent ripe fruits from falling down or chemicals used in pre/post-harvest.

Main Pesticide Regulations in Cambodia

Who Shall Register?

Natural person or legal entity who imports, exports or formulates pesticides in the purpose of trading in the Kingdom of Cambodia shall apply for pesticide registrations with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF). 

Pesticide Registration Types and Validity

In Cambodia, pesticide registrations can be divided into the following two types:

  • provisional registration (1 year)

  • full registration (3 years)

Registration Data Requirements in Cambodia

The standard requirements for pesticide registration shall include information and data on pesticide toxicity, residue, human safety, environmental safety, pesticide analysis data, labels, etc. Detailed information requirement is listed in Article 11 to 14 of the regulation "Law on the Management of Pesticides and Fertilizers". 

Estimated Costs and Timelines

It is cheap and quick to register a pesticide in Cambodia. It usually takes 3 to 6 months to register a pesticide in Cambodia. Registration costs depend on product types and test data requirements. 

Our Services

We provide one-stop solutions to help you comply with pesticide regulation in Cambodia and ASEAN. 

Our services include:

  • Pesticide registration;

  • Registration budget, cost control and registration strategy;

  • Data evaluation and gap analysis;

  • Testing coordination;

  • Dossier preparation and submission;

  • Local representation;

  • Label preparation and review;

  • Renewal of pesticide registration certificate;

  • Advice and training on pesticide production permit.

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