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Public Health Pesticide Registration in China


Public health pesticides refer to pesticides used to prevent and control mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants and other harmful organisms in the living environment of humans and in that of animals in the process of animal breeding in the agriculture and forestry industry. They may be classified into household insecticides and environmental health insecticides based on their application place and methods. Household insecticides refer to public health pesticides that may be used directly in households without being further treated like dilution. Environmental health insecticides refer to public health pesticides that may be used indoor and outdoor after being further treated like dilution.

Registered Public Health Pesticides

There are more than 98 kinds of registered public health active ingredients in China, more than 1900 registered products and more than 480 manufacturers. The most registered active ingredients are tetramethrin, permethrin, meperfluthrin, beta-cypermethrin, prallethrin and rich-d-transallethrin, accounting for 66% of the total registered products.

Data Requirements


Similar to other pesticide data requirements


Product chemistry data is similar to the conventional pesticide.

Toxicity data are required according to formulation type.

Efficacy is required according to the formulation type.

Eco-tox data

Indoor use formulation can waive eco-tox data. Only outdoor use formulation to submit eco-tox data.


Can be waived.


Evaluation process please refer to the pesticide registration webpage.


  • Formulation with moderate toxicity are not allowed to use indoors.
  • The active ingredient content of the new registered formulation products of public health insecticides that are not allowed to be higher than that of the registered products, and shall not be higher than the content specified by WHO.
  • The content of effective ingredients of public health insecticides containing DEET, prallethrin and icaridin should not be higher than the content of registered products.

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