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Record-filing of Non-pesticide Use Product in China

Non-pesticide use product requires record-filings and customs release permit before they can be imported to/exported from China.

Application Scope

  • Non-pesticide products: substances included in the "Pesticide Management Catalogue of China", are used in areas other than agricultural uses specified in Article 2 of the "Pesticide Management Regulations", such as industrial preservatives, medicine, veterinary drugs, coatings, dyes, etc.

  • The product itself does not contain pesticide ingredients, but uses physical methods to kill or repel harmful insects, such as sticky mouse board, sticky fly rope, insect trap, etc.

  • Pesticide samples: A small amount of domestic or foreign pesticide products used in scientific research or testing purposes, which are not used for commercial purposes such as manufacture, processing, sales, advertising, etc.

Application Process


  • The validity period of the initial filing for non-pesticide use product is 1 year, and the validity period is 2 years after renewal;

  • The validity period of the Release Permit is 3 months. One certificate can only be used for one batch within the validity period;

  • Filing and Release Permit for pesticide samples can only be applied once, and the validity period of sample filing is 1 year. It cannot be renewed after expiration.

Materials Required

Documents required for the applications of product/sample filings and customs release permits include but are not limited to the following documents.

Product/Sample Filing

  • Product description (Import/export reason, country and company name, product/sample name, content, quantity, product/sample use, etc.)

  • Product/sample filing application form

  • Safety Data SheetChinese)

  • Certificate of origin issued by the country of origin

  • The certification documents that the product is allowed to be manufactured, sold and registered in the country (region) of origin

Release Permit application

  • Customs release permit application form

  • Product quality inspection report

  • Export/import contracts