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The CLV certificate, also known as the Certificate of Free Sale (Spanish: Certificado de Libre Venta, abbreviated as CLV), is one of the essential business certificates for many products entering the international market and is often used for customs clearance and overseas regulatory approvals. The CLV Certificate for pesticides in China is usually issued by the ICAMA of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. In addition to this, foreign authorities may also require Chinese export companies to provide a Certificate of Free Sale and a product registration certificate certified by the CCPIT.
Active ingredients in pesticides will only give play to their roles after being contacted, taken or absorbed by pests or protected objects. Most technical materials in pesticides cannot be sprayed with water, or evenly dispersed on protected crops or control targets or in working areas by other means due to their poor water solubility, hence they must be made into various formulations for use through formulation processing. Different auxiliary materials used in pesticide for