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Yearly Review: Newly Public Health Pesticides Registered in China in 2023

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Based on comprehensive statistics, a total of 43 new public health pesticides were registered in China in 2023. The primary focus of these registrations was on controlling pests such as mosquitoes, flies, fly larvae, and cockroaches, which are of significant concern in public health management. Among the registered formulations, suspension concentrates emerged as the predominant formulation type. Furthermore, the main method of application for these pesticides was through spraying. As the CIRS Group, we have diligently organized and analyzed the data pertaining to the newly registered public health pesticides in China during 2023. Our objective is to provide valuable insights and references for enterprises' future endeavors in the field of pesticide registration.


1. The Number of Public health Insecticide Products Approved from 2019 to 2023

Following the implementation of the new Pesticide Regulations in 2017, the registration of public health insecticides has maintained an average annual count of approximately 50. However, it is worth noting that in 2021, there was a notable increase with nearly 300 products approved under the transitional period policy.

2. Formulation Types

The figure below illustrates the formulation types of newly registered public health pesticides in 2023:

  • Bait products: 8 formulations were registered.
  • Suspension concentrates: 5 formulations were registered.
  • Mosquito coils, granules, and emulsifiable concentrates: Each of these formulation types saw 4 registrations.

Of particular significance, two public health technical Grade Active Ingredients, namely icaridin and meperfluthrin, obtained registration in 2023.

3. The Top 3 Active Ingredients Ranking for the Number of Registration

The figure below highlights the top three active ingredients for newly registered public health pesticides in 2023. These active ingredients garnered the highest number of registrations:

  • Pyriproxyfen;
  • Dinotefuran; and
  • Meperfluthrin

4. Manufacturers

Based on the manufacturers' statistics, Jiangsu Yujia Plant Protection Co., Ltd. achieved a remarkable feat by approving 7 registrations for public health insecticides in 2023. Among these registrations, 2 were for technical grade active ingredients. Consequently, Jiangsu Yujia Plant Protection Co., Ltd. emerged as the leading enterprise with the highest number of public health insecticide registrations in 2023.


In 2023, there was a noticeable increase in the number of newly registered public health pesticides in China compared to the previous year. Among these registrations, the active ingredients pyriproxyfen, dinotefuran, and meperfluthrin have consistently accounted for a significant proportion over the past two years.

When examining the registered formulation types for public health pesticides, bait and suspension formulations are the predominant formulation types.

It is important to note that public health insecticides have specific policies and requirements that distinguish them from plant protection pesticide products. Therefore, it is crucial for us to remain attentive to these distinct considerations and guidelines.

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