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238 Substances Added into China Existing Chemical Substance Inventory

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21 Dec. 2020, China MEE announced that the second batch of 238 substances have fulfilled the requirements for IECSC supplementation and will be managed as existing chemical substances. Please download the full list here.

On 17 November 2020, China MEE released a public consultation on 245 substances that have applied for IECSC supplementation. Among them, 238 substances have passed the review and added into the IECSC. The rest 7 substances are still new chemical substances and will be managed as new substances.

CIRS warmly reminds that related enterprises must make sure that substances that have not listed in IECSC are new substances. The Provisions require enterprises to complete new substance registration/record before manufacturing or importing, or they may face various punishments.

CIRS have updated the Asia-Pacific Chemical Inventory Search System (APCISS), please click here to learn more about the 238 substances.

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