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Chemical Compliance: Choose ChemRadar - Specializing in Chemical Compliance, Empowering the Chemical Industry Throughout Its Lifecycle

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About ChemRadar

ChemRadar is a chemical lifecycle compliance platform offering information, data, and technology services, developed by CIRS Group for the chemical and related industries. Utilizing up-to-date global chemical regulation information, reliable databases on substances and regulatory standards, professional compliance tools, and technical consulting services, ChemRadar assists businesses in minimizing product compliance risks and overcoming market entry barriers.

ChemRadar consists of four main sections:

  • ChemRadar Database;
  • ChemRadar News;
  • ChemRadar Guides; and
  • ChemRadar Resources

ChemRadar Database

The ChemRadar database features four search functions:

  • Asia-Pacific Chemical Inventory Search
  • GHS Classification Search
  • UN Number Search
  • China New Chemical Substance Search

ChemRadar continuously monitors updates to global chemical inventories in real-time. Users can swiftly find the most recent global chemical regulations and GHS classifications by entering either the CAS number or the chemical name in Chinese or English. Additionally, by entering the UN number and transport name, users can find the transportation requirements for hazardous goods in China.

ChemRadar News

ChemRadar News delivers up-to-date tracking and analysis of the latest global chemical and downstream industry news, addressing compliance challenges and providing enterprises with compliance guidance.

ChemRadar Guides

ChemRadar Guides offer compliance advice for companies trading in multiple countries, including China, Japan, South Korea, Europe, and India, aiding them in swiftly and comprehensively overcoming trade barriers.

ChemRadar Resources

ChemRadar Resources is divided into three key areas:

  • Lawinfo Database
  • Courses
  • Reports

The Lawinfo Database encompasses chemical-related laws and regulations, regulatory updates, interpretations, Q&A, and more, covering areas such as China's GHS, new chemical substances, hazardous chemicals, import/export, and food contact materials. Users can perform regulatory searches using names or numbers/document numbers of laws and regulations. The Courses section provides insights into registration and trade compliance across various countries and regions, delivered through comprehensive analysis and courses by seasoned experts. The Reports section contains ChemRadar's annual original chemical regulation reports, reviewing past progress and forecasting future directions in chemical compliance.

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