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China MEE Consulted on Adding 245 Substances into Existing Substance Inventory

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According to the Measures on the Environmental Administration of New Chemical Substances (MEP Order 7), 245 substances are qualified for IECSC inclusion and are under public consultation.

On 21 Jun. 2019, China Ministry of Ecology and Environment released a Notice concerning the supplementation of China Existing Chemical Substance Inventory (IECSC): MEE considered listing the substances that were legally manufactured or manufactured within China before 15 Oct. 2003 into IECSC.

On 17 Nov. 2020, China MEE released the first batch of 245 substances that meet the requirements of the Notice and MEP Order 7. These substances are now released for public consultation and will be included into IECSC after the consultation period if there is no objection. The public notification period is between 17 Nov. 2020 and 30 Nov. 2020.

Up to 15 Oct. 2020, the IECSC has been updated for 6 times and a total of 335 substances are included into the list.

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