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China MEE Updates Inventory of Existing Chemical Substance

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Updated on 22 Jan. 2019

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22 Nov. 2018, Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) announced to officially list 45 substances into China’s Inventory of Existing Chemical Substance (IECSC). These substances will be managed as existing chemicals.

Among the 45 substances, 6 of them are listed in the classified/ confidential part with category name only while another 39 substances were listed into the public part.

The last update to IECSC was made in 2016 with 31 substances added.

Please click here to know the detailed information of the 45 substances


There are two parts of IECSC, public part and classified/confidential part. Companies can check out the public part by themselves and shall only enquire Authorities for classified/confidential part.

For the public part:

For the classified/ confidential part:

Enterprises have to submit a formal enquiry to SCC to check whether a substance is listed in the confidential section of IECSC or not. SCC usually issues a letter of confirmation within 2 weeks after an enquiry is submitted. The inquiry will cost 3000 RMB.

News Updates

11 Jan. 2019, China MEE announced that another 28 substances were listed in the Inventory of Existing Chemical Substance. Please click to view the 28 newly added existing substances.

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