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CIRS Attended the ChemCon The Americas 2018

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5 – 9 February 2018, Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service Limited (CIRS), as one of the partners of ChemCon The Americas 2018, participated in the conference in New Orleans, USA. ChemCon is a global platform which brings together many experts representing companies, authorities and international organizations from over 25 countries. This conference focuses on the international chemical legislations all over the world, including REACH, GHS and the chemical regulation systems in many countries.


Mr. Ethan Zheng, regional manager of industrial chemical sector, was chairing the Chemical Regulations in Asia-Pacific Part (Session 9, Session 10 and the Q&A Session). Mr. Eric Xiong, Director of Industrial Chemical Sector, shared his experience in complying with Measures on the Environmental Administration of New Chemical Substance during the conference. He analyzed the process, cycle and cost of new chemical substance notification. He also gave suggestions on data sharing and data endpoints exemption, etc.


As the global largest chemical regulatory compliance consulting firm, CIRS has already completed over 150 typical notifications, including several large volume typical notification, and thousands of simplified notification. CIRS also shared experience with enterprises with participants.


CIRS warmly reminds that as the chemical regulation systems and the regulatory requirements are getting stricter, it is even harder for enterprises to enter the international market. Enterprises should pay more attention to their regulatory compliance work.


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