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CIRS Attended the Prague Chemicals Management Cruise Conference

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15th October 2019, CIRS attended the PCMC conference in Prague.

The third annual conference was held this year on October 15th and CIRS were delighted to be invited for the second occasion as speaker/partner. There were over 50 attendees including policy makers from ECHA’s committee, senior advisors from the Department of the Environment of Austria, members of the Chamber of Industry of Serbia, an inspector with the Czech Environmental Department, and many regulation specialists from chemical companies and consulting firms.


The first day of the conference encompassed two sections; “REACH registration dossier updates” and “the most critical issues in the regulatory world and future expectations”.

Topics included: “Quality of information from REACH registrations”, “Shared experiences from dossier evaluation decisions ”, “Enforcement of REACH, CLP, and BPR”, “Future of REACH authorisation”, and also the hot topic of “Preparing for Brexit on both sides of the border”; and a case study of “How recent case-law changed the face of REACH and BPR”.